Monday, April 2, 2012

NBA title contenders?

Give me your top 5 title contenders in the NBA as the season is winding down, and why you think that way.  The Thunder are really starting to pick it up here towards the end of the season winning 6 in a row against quality teams such as Lakers, Clips, Heat and Bulls.  I will give you my top 5 after I get some responses from my followers.  And mine might surprise you!

Their are a number of teams that could make the run in the playoffs and have a legitimate chance at winning it all, but there is only one team that is feeling the playoff pressure to the max and that is the Miami Heat, ever since they had their big show and Lebron said "not 5, not 6, not 7" they have been under the spotlight and everyone is just waiting to see what happens.  I don't think they can afford not to win it all this year.  Its do or die in South Beach for my friends of the Heat.

Top 5 Busts of All-Time

Play a little game here, since Ryan Leaf's new story came out about him being busted with drugs and everything it sparked an idea in my head.... Give me your top 5 busts of all time.  It can be from any sport.  Just guys that were so highly touted and really never turned out to be anything in their respective sport.  This should be an interesting one and I am excited to see what my followers have to say.

Thanks for your time, You guys are the best!

National Championship Game

Ok followers, today is the day that college basketball fans have been waiting for all year.  Two goliaths in the sport going head to head to decide the champion.  Who does my followers got in this game and why? Kentucky seems like the favorite that everyone is picking, but can Kansas pull off the "upset" if you wanna call it that this late in the year.  Kentucky has at least 3 lottery picks and probably 7 NBA guys on their roster that will make an impact.  Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Jones will all go very high in the draft, with Davis and MKG probably going 1-2.  Since when is that even possible to have the number 1 and 2 pick on your squad? Great job recruiting by John Calipari.  Then they have the likes of Lamb, Miller, Teague and Wiltjer who are all very good players in their own right. 

Then on the other side they got Robinson.  Thats about it for big superstars from Kansas.  Tyshawn Taylor can play like it at times but he has been inconsistent this whole year.  If he plays at his highest level, I don't see why Kansas cant beat Kentucky.  

Should be a very interesting game, and I cannot wait to watch it!  Any national championship that doesn't have Butler in the game will be much better!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tebow to Jets?

Whats my followers opinon on Tebow going to the Jets? I personally dont like the whole Tebow thing in the first place so I am not a huge fan.  I would have rather have seen him go to his hometown, Jacksonville where he would have filled the stadium and probably lost games but still everyone would have their hero back.  I really feel bad for Sanchez on this one, because if he has a year like he had last year he will get ripped on so bad by the NY media and the Tebow lovers will be coming out and demanding him to start again just like they did in Denver?

Also, whats your take on allegedly Tebow choosing where he wanted to go? I mean Brett Favre didn't even get to do that and they are letting this guy do it.  I just believe this was handled poorly by John Elway who never liked Tebow in the beginning.  I believe Elway wanted Peyton so bad just to get the pressure of Tebow Nation off of him. 

Thanks for you responses they are appreciated.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dwight Howard Saga

Also want your guys' opinion on the Dwight Howard saga?  Where do you think he will end up if anywhere and when will it be?  Will he get dealt before the trade deadline on Thursday?  Also word has came out that Dwight said he wants to go to the Clippers or Heat as a free agent.  I might be mistaken but if he went to the Heat would that be the greatest team of all time or what?

Peyton Manning

Where is Peyton going to end up?  He has met with several different teams over the last couple days, so many interesting places he could wind up.  Will he take over Tebow Nation and go to Denver, or will he join forces with Fitz and stay in a dome in Arizona?  Or maybe he will take his talents to South Beach to play for the Dolphins.  Or is their a sleeper team out there that no one knows about? Tell me what ya think.  I also put a picture with this blog so you guys know who the author is! Thanks

Monday, February 27, 2012

What If?...

Ok guys how about this one.... Just playing a little game of "What If" here... What if Anthony Davis and Brittany Griner got married and had kids? Just saying.... Am i the only one who has thought of this.