Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peyton Manning

Where is Peyton going to end up?  He has met with several different teams over the last couple days, so many interesting places he could wind up.  Will he take over Tebow Nation and go to Denver, or will he join forces with Fitz and stay in a dome in Arizona?  Or maybe he will take his talents to South Beach to play for the Dolphins.  Or is their a sleeper team out there that no one knows about? Tell me what ya think.  I also put a picture with this blog so you guys know who the author is! Thanks


  1. To me, I don't exactly know where the perfect fit would be for Manning, because I don't really think there is a perfect fit. In a fantasy world I think Manning would go to San Francisco. There, not only would he take over a team that was one fumble away from going to the Super Bowl, but has the top defense in the entire league, one of the best tight ends in the league in Vernon Davis and a great running back in Frank Gore. Oh, yeah, and there's some guy named Randy Moss who has been signed or going to be signed. If Manning were somehow to choose the 49ers, they would be an unstoppable force next year. That being said, I don't know if the niners are going to give Alex Smith the axe. His career hasn't been what they were hoping, but he has played great in the new system under Harbaugh, so I think he'll re-sign and Manning will go elsewhere.

    Miami is a intriguing pick, with Brandon Marshall at his disposal and Reggie Bush emerging as a solid running back option after being used horribly in New Orleans. Except there are a number of other issues the Dolphins have to correct if they want to be the frontrunner in the this whole thing, like their aging and suspect defense and questionable offensive line.

    Actually, I would love to see him play in Denver and I would hate to see him play in Denver. I would love it because he would take over a team that played much better then thought before last season (and no, it had nothing to do with Tebow playing). Their defense is top notch when they are healthy and have a solid receiving cor in Thomas, Decker and Royal. I would hate it because then Manning would always be compared to John Elway even though manning has already jumped Elway on the all-time greats list. Then again, no matter where he goes, really, he'll always be in someone's shadow, unlike in Indy where he's the one that made the legacy of his own. Tennessee is not out of the running completely, and I'm sure Manning would love to romp on the Colts twice a year for the rest of his career. I say Denver at this point, with the Broncos trading Tebow to Jacksonville, where it will be shown that Tebow does not win games, but the team does. I say this because the Jaguars are a mess and wouldn't go anywhere even with Tebow at the helm.

  2. Really dont think Manning has jumped Elway at all but nice try on that one Goose, Manning is a great regular season QB not so much in the playoffs. I know his team wasn't that good but they were always very very tough in regular season then once they had to play away from the dome it was tough sledding. I really love the San Fran idea also. I think they would be one of the best teams in the league if they added him because of all the other pieces. Manning would make them an instant contender. There is just no real great fit for Manning for how hard that is to believe its true. I also wonder if he will ever play at the same level that he once did.

    Arizona is the best fit I believe, but with Kevin Kolb owed 7 million dollars by this Thursday I just don't know if they can risk it and then watch Peyton sign somewhere else and they are left with nothing but John Skelton!!

  3. Overall quarterback, I would have to take Manning at this point, mostly because of all he has accomplished since he entered the league. Sure, he might never be the playoff winner year in and year out, but Elway really wasn't either, which is where my statement of Manning jumping Elway comes into play. Obviously, that's just a completely different debate and all a matter of opinion.

    Arizona would be an ok fit I think, nothing too flashy. One thing that does really change the whole process now is that Reggie Wayne has decided to re-sign with the Colts for lord knows what reason. Maybe they paid him enough money to look past just how horrible they are going to be in the coming years having gotten rid of Manning, Garcon, Clark, Addai, Brackett and possibly trading Freeney. If people thought the Colts were horrible just without Manning for a year, imagine what they are going to do losing almost everybody that had a mjor impact over the years.

    Anyway, Wayne going back to the Colts opens the door for a number of teams for Manning because it was thought that Wayne and Manning would go together like a package deal, but since there is no way Manning is going back to the Colts, anything can happen.

    San Francisco is still a possibility, but I kinda doubt he'll go there, unless they come up and make a strong push for him. There's no way he could pass up playing on such a loaded team if the right offer came around.