Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tebow to Jets?

Whats my followers opinon on Tebow going to the Jets? I personally dont like the whole Tebow thing in the first place so I am not a huge fan.  I would have rather have seen him go to his hometown, Jacksonville where he would have filled the stadium and probably lost games but still everyone would have their hero back.  I really feel bad for Sanchez on this one, because if he has a year like he had last year he will get ripped on so bad by the NY media and the Tebow lovers will be coming out and demanding him to start again just like they did in Denver?

Also, whats your take on allegedly Tebow choosing where he wanted to go? I mean Brett Favre didn't even get to do that and they are letting this guy do it.  I just believe this was handled poorly by John Elway who never liked Tebow in the beginning.  I believe Elway wanted Peyton so bad just to get the pressure of Tebow Nation off of him. 

Thanks for you responses they are appreciated.


  1. Overall, I don't think either Tebow or the Jets win in this trade. All this does is add more media attention and hype around the Jets which has been their biggest downfall over the past three years and now Tebow is going to be under even more pressure than he was in Denver. In fact, it's interesting to see guys like Antoine Cromartie coming out and blatantly saying they don't want nor do they need Tebow. As good of a guy Tebow is, he's going to have to do a lot in order to impress the team that's so full of their own egos and he's a team player.

    Also, what does this say about Mark Sanchez? They just signed him to a 3-year extention which made their statement that they were not going after Manning, but weeks later they trade for Tebow? What is this saying? Honestly, I have no idea what it does say because it's so bizarre and backwards it doesn't make any sense. For one thing, I don't think the Jets can say that this year is a make or break year for Sanchez because he has led them to two conference championship games in his first two years. Sure he had a down year last year, but will all the problems in the locker room it's no wonder why he would have such a down year. Give the guy a break. If he can lead them to two AFC championship games and still having his job be in jeopardy, how well do you think Tebow is really going to do? At best, I see Tebow as taking over for Brad Smith in the wildcat packages that the Jets loved to run with Smith two years ago. They went away from that because Smith being gone but can run it again with Tebow and that's the only way I see him playing this year unless Sanchez gets hurt.

    As for the choosing his own team thing, I think there is something else to that than we 'know'. They might have said Tebow gets to pick, but in all honesty why would he choose to play for a team with so much drama around it, so many big personalities and no guarantee at seeing the field this year when he could have chosen to play back at home with a team trying to rebuild with a great running back in Maurice Jones Drew and really no pressure to win because the rest of the team is in shambles. Obviously nobody likes to really go try rebuild a franchise, but if he would have chosen Jacksonville, not only would it be his team from day one, but he would be the one to help lead them to the promised land if they were to ever get there, spend time developing his quarterback intangibles while trying to make it his team instead of somebody else's team. They say he chose the Jets but I kinda doubt he would have said anything negative about either team. He probably just smiled and said whichever team you feel makes the best trade then go with it. Tebow is a great guy, but he's not an idiot and that's what this trade really is right now.

    Just wait until the season begins and how many more Tebow-Maniacs come out of the woodwork as soon as he puts on the Jets uniform. Take Jeremy Lin's popularity in this short amount of time, times it by the number of people that already love Tebow, factor in the New York city glamor and you have a recipe for one hellacious year for fans who are not sold on Tebow being the greatest invention since fire.

    All in all, just a bad trade all around. Denver really just wanted to get rid of him I think it's as simple as that.

  2. Not sure exactly on how this whole thing will work with Tebow and Rex Ryan's alternating personalities. It just seems like they contrast too much in how they behave for this to work out.

    In regards to Sanchez, he has had some success in taking the Jets to the playoffs, but can't seem to close the deal. Maybe it's because he hasn't ever been challenged for the job or maybe he's just not that good, who knows. Tebow will be a good challenge for him to prove that he's the long term QB for the Jets.

    Personally, not a fan of the Jets and would've rather seen Tebow go to Jacksonville. Tebow is a great athlete, not necessarily a good QB, but the man gets W's and can definitely fill seats and sell merchandise.