Monday, April 2, 2012

National Championship Game

Ok followers, today is the day that college basketball fans have been waiting for all year.  Two goliaths in the sport going head to head to decide the champion.  Who does my followers got in this game and why? Kentucky seems like the favorite that everyone is picking, but can Kansas pull off the "upset" if you wanna call it that this late in the year.  Kentucky has at least 3 lottery picks and probably 7 NBA guys on their roster that will make an impact.  Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Jones will all go very high in the draft, with Davis and MKG probably going 1-2.  Since when is that even possible to have the number 1 and 2 pick on your squad? Great job recruiting by John Calipari.  Then they have the likes of Lamb, Miller, Teague and Wiltjer who are all very good players in their own right. 

Then on the other side they got Robinson.  Thats about it for big superstars from Kansas.  Tyshawn Taylor can play like it at times but he has been inconsistent this whole year.  If he plays at his highest level, I don't see why Kansas cant beat Kentucky.  

Should be a very interesting game, and I cannot wait to watch it!  Any national championship that doesn't have Butler in the game will be much better!!


  1. I've got Kentucky in this game and if they do not win, in my opinion, they will go down as the best team to never win a title.

    Calipari does a great job of recruiting guys who will stick around for only one year which is one reason why they could stumble in the game because none of his players have been in a high pressure situation such as this. Kentucky is one of the most talented teams all around I can remember watching and besides a few hiccups during the season, they have dominated their opponents all year.

    I love Thomas Robinson, but beyond him and Taylor, who has a tendency to disappear on occasion, Kansas doesn't have much firepower or the talent to keep up with Kentucky.

    On a side note, I've got Calipari winning because he wants to redeem his team's loss to Bill Self four years ago. Memphis would have won that game had they hit their free throws but that didn't happen and we all remember the Mario Chalmers three to send it to overtime.

    Long story short, Kentucky will and should win this game.

  2. Agreed in every part Goose, Kentucky is one of the most talented teams I can remember watching EVER. They have studs at every position and really I believe they NEED to win this game. Not only for them, but for Calipari, he is regarded as one of the better coaches now a days but still doesn't have a title and in this day in age you need the title. If they win it all, you can expect to see all of the people besides maybe Wiltjer leaving for the NBA!!