Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5 Busts of All-Time

Play a little game here, since Ryan Leaf's new story came out about him being busted with drugs and everything it sparked an idea in my head.... Give me your top 5 busts of all time.  It can be from any sport.  Just guys that were so highly touted and really never turned out to be anything in their respective sport.  This should be an interesting one and I am excited to see what my followers have to say.

Thanks for your time, You guys are the best!


  1. Hm... interesting topic. Two obvious choices that come to my head right away are Jamarcus Russell and Kwame Brown. Russell had potential but never made it work and Brown was possibly the worst decision Michael Jordan ever made and it must still haunt him.

    Greg Oden is another one. So dominant in college but knee problems keeping him from every accomplishing anything.

    Part of me wants to include the entire North Carolina team that got drafted after their championship win which includes Sean May, Rashad McCants, Raymond Felton and Marvin Williams. As a whole, they have zero accomplishments and a complete wash for the teams that drafted them. Felton's still doing well, but the group as a whole was a bust.

    Adam Morrison. Oh dear lord Adam Morrison. One guy that the entire world loved while at Gonzaga but completely worthless in the NBA.

    Just a few names that pop into my head for complete busts.

  2. Nathan Nathan Nathan, you are a great sports mind, them are like the exact same ones that I was thinking of! North Carolina team for sure, Marvin and Raymond are the only ones I hear about anymore and they aren't stars or anything.

    Morrison failed miserably after dominating at Gonzaga, I believe he was big into drugs also.

    Oden really got bit by the injury bug or I think he would have been a pretty good NBA player.

    Nice input Goose thanks a lot! :)