Monday, April 2, 2012

NBA title contenders?

Give me your top 5 title contenders in the NBA as the season is winding down, and why you think that way.  The Thunder are really starting to pick it up here towards the end of the season winning 6 in a row against quality teams such as Lakers, Clips, Heat and Bulls.  I will give you my top 5 after I get some responses from my followers.  And mine might surprise you!

Their are a number of teams that could make the run in the playoffs and have a legitimate chance at winning it all, but there is only one team that is feeling the playoff pressure to the max and that is the Miami Heat, ever since they had their big show and Lebron said "not 5, not 6, not 7" they have been under the spotlight and everyone is just waiting to see what happens.  I don't think they can afford not to win it all this year.  Its do or die in South Beach for my friends of the Heat.

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  1. As it stands right now, here are my top 5 teams most likely to win the NBA Championship.

    1. Oklahoma City Thunder: the Thunder have been rising in stock for years now and this season they have completely transformed themselves from just a good team to one with a legitimate shot at winning it all. Durant and Westbrook bring all the star power you can handle into every game but guys like James Harden and Serge Ibaka will determine how far they really go. Also, the addition to the saavy veteran Derek Fisher to help calmer heads prevail will take them a long way.

    2. Chicago Bulls: even without Derrick Rose, the bulls have been playing well, with the exception of their game on the road at OKC Sunday. Rose is an uber stud and nobody can match is speed and acceleration to the rack. Luol Deng will be a key factor for the Bulls, but they have great defense to win in tough games.

    3. Miami Heat: right now, they are struggling. While I still like their chances at winning it all, they need to get back into killer instinct mode if they want to go through the Bulls in the Eastern finals again. Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole could be huge in victory and defeat as it will be their defense that will determine whether or not the Heat can go far. The offense will be fine it's the defense that will decide it for them.

    4. San Antonio Spurs: you can never count out a team that's been there and done that again and again. Duncan may be older but his output is still there plus combining his leadership with that of Parker and Ginobili, the Spurs could run through a younger Thunder team if their emotions get the best of them.

    5. Boston Celtics: still one of the best teams in the league and with Rondo playing out of his mind this year, Boston has a shot at taking home the gold. Rondo is leading the way and has become the star of the team. It's his production that will state whether or not the Celtics are legitimate contenders.