Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dwight Howard Saga

Also want your guys' opinion on the Dwight Howard saga?  Where do you think he will end up if anywhere and when will it be?  Will he get dealt before the trade deadline on Thursday?  Also word has came out that Dwight said he wants to go to the Clippers or Heat as a free agent.  I might be mistaken but if he went to the Heat would that be the greatest team of all time or what?

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  1. Honestly, this whole thing is more of a fiasco than the LeBron decision special on ESPN. At least with LeBron, he was just choosing a place to play, rather than handicapping his current team and wanting all the power in the world, like Dwight is doing right now.

    I just read something saying the Magic are willing to let Howard determine the fate of coach Stan Van Gundy and their GM Otis Smith if he decides to stay, where they would then attempt to bring the talent to Howard, rather than give Howard to the talent. That's such a croc if you ask me. Essentially, Howard would be deciding every move the organization makes if he were to decide to stay in Orlando. What's next? Does he get to pick which candy he wants to sell at the concession stands? Can he change the color of the uniforms if he's not feeling blue anymore so it at least looks like he switched teams? Come on, that's insane in the face of it.

    If Dwight thinks that he could go to the Miami Heat or LA Clippers in Free agency, he's sadly mistaken. While it sounds like a decent idea, the only way that were to work would be if Howard basically plays for free in either of those teams. There is no way the Clippers can afford to pay Paul, Griffin, Jordan and Howard big bucks and still manage to bring a team together. Even if Howard would take a little pay cut and they got some veterans to accept the veterans acception, those veterans would kind of take away from the game the Clippers love to run, a fast paced, lob it up and throw it down style of offense.

    for the Heat, no way they could pay LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Howard the money they all want, plus he would screw with the team chemistry they have finally started to reach their peak with. It took over a year and a half for the Heat to figure out how to play with the team they have, adding Howard would set them back once again and possibly cause problems as there is no way Lebron, Wade and Howard could see eye to eye on points and playing time. Lebron and Wade can do it now and Bosh has gladly accepted his role as third wing man, getting his points and stepping up when asked to do so, but there is no way this can work.

    I would rather see Howard stay in Orlando and have the Magic try to build a team around him rather than having Dwight go to a team that has it all figured out and screwing things up because he wants the kind of team the Heat or Clippers have. They can have that, just do it in Orlando.