Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trouble in LA?

What do my followers think of the Pau Gasol drama in LA? Is he in or out? And if out, Where?  I have heard on the rumor mill that T wolves are interested.  Trade that would send Derrick Williams and picks to LA for Pau Gasol, then LA would trade D-Will, Bynum, and picks to Magic for Howard??


  1. Let's be honest here: if the Lakers have this brewing up, then more than likely the NBA would find a way to veto that trade as well. Ha ha, obviously I'm joking here, but Minnesota would be stupid to take part in this kind of trade. Derrick Williams is their future, and with how they are doing this year they would be insane to go through with this trade option. Sure, the Wolves aren't exactly NBA Finals threats yet, but with Williams, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and gang, they have an extremely bright future together. Plus, Minnesota just extended Love, so bringing in Gasol would just take away from Love's potential production in the post.

    As for Gasol as a Laker in general, it's been obvious for some time now that LA wants Howard as much as Howard wants to pull the next "Decision" fiasco because he think he's that important, but he ultimately doesn't decide where he goes unless he holds out for free agency, but even then he would demand top dollar because his ego won't let him take a pay cut. Gasol is out of LA one way or another come this summer, I'm just not sure if it's going to be this year. If anything, I personally think Kobe is trying to sabotage his team so he can force a trade for Howard. Guy's taking so many more shots and has evolved into an even bigger ball hog than he has been through his career, all in hopes that Lakers brass will look at the team and say "Oh, well Kobe is great and always will be he's not the problem so let's unload the rest of the pure talent we have in hopes we can create the next Super Team and contend for more championships." No, hopefully somebody finally tells Kobe "Hey, this is the team we have. It's the same freaking team we won back-to-back championships with so learn to live with it or we'll trade you." That's the only way the Lakers are going to figure things out right now.

    Trading for Howard is not the Lakers' answer right now. Seriously, if people thought Kobe and Shaq were mortal enemies, imagine how big of an implosion you'd have if you added Howard into the lineup with Kobe. The reason Howard is so good in Orlando is that it's his team. If he's in LA, he'd have to back to down and acknowledge that it's Kobe's team and his giant ego won't let that happen. Real talk.

  2. Not buying either story. Why would the T'Wolves drop their first round draft pick this year and future first round picks for just another post player? They already have one of the best big men in the NBA and I personally have been impressed with Pekovic this year. As Giese said, adding Gasol would just take away from Kevin Love's production and presence in the post.

    Gasol's time in LA may be number, especially after the complaints from other players which ended up in a team meeting. Howard may end up going to LA, but it won't be in a trade this season. He'll probably pull a LeBron and have a huge news conference in the off-season regarding where "he'll be taking his talents to" next season.

  3. I agree, Thanks Guys. More to come